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As we begin our blessed day of Christmas Eve celebrations here in the Mulac Motorhome, I have a profound message to share with you that's grown out of an interesting reaction to a video that I posted on YouTube a year ago. Before we get to the video though, I want to preface it by […]

The other day I was watching a cooking show on Food Network with the girls and the chef talking about all the cooking disasters that can happen in the kitchen during Thanksgiving and how to avoid them. With only a few days to go before Thanksgiving, I could practically taste the pumpkin pie as it […]

What Mom Taught Us

Posted on 10 May 2009 In: Holidays and Celebrations, Motivational

Sitting here this morning, I’m reflecting on the extraordinary gift that motherhood means to me. My thoughts move between the blessings that our own daughters, Marina and Morgan bring to our life daily; and then?memories of my own dear departed mother warm my heart as I know her influence is the foundation of my existence. […]

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