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Here are two unbelievable reports that you won’t want to miss. Hot off the presses, Reed Floren and I have revealed our formula for driving hungry, responsive customers to your sites and are offering 100% commission so you can resell the report yourself and keep ALL of the profits! ???????????????????? List Building With 100% Commissions!??????????? […]

What would a holiday be without a spectacular giveaway? And since I did nothing but roll up to buffets and gourmet dinner tables over the past two weeks, for me, it’s a welcome treat that doesn’t involve a lot of chocolate! Yes, I think I do love Giveaways MORE than Chocolate! So I’ve joined together […]

Beware of Blogger Upgrade

Posted on 11 Feb 2007 In: Internet Marketing

Many of you were greeted with 13 or more identical emails from me in your inbox over the past 24 hours. For the record, it was NOT intentional, I have not decided to take up a career in spamming and I haven’t lost my mind (although Greg may disagree with the last one.) No, the […]

Santa Steph’s Christmas Gifts

Posted on 22 Dec 2006 In: Internet Marketing

Several days ago I sent an email to all of our subscribers asking them to tell “Santa Steph” what ebooks, training courses or gifts they would like to receive from us for Christmas. This all came about after several days of watching my inbox fill up with the online equivalent of neckties and fruitcakes — […]

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