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A few months ago when Dave Nicholson (a respected marketer I go waaay back with) told me about Multi Profit Websites, I knew that what he and John Thornhill were cooking up was going to be huge, powerful, and an injection of fresh air into an otherwise dull summer of “me too” product launches. Multi […]

Two years ago this week, I met a man who has single handedly been responsible for over 60% of my income since the day we met! This genius has literally: * Revolutionized the way I do business * Enabled me to make money hand over fist * Given me a way to attract JV partners […]

After yesterday’s email, I got an excellent question from an astute subscriber about the difference between RAP (Rapid Action Profits) versus the very compelling offer I announced for Custom Shopping Carts. I say it was an excellent question, because there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who has followed me for awhile that I am […]

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