Sometimes the most profound lessons in life come when we least expect it, and this past weekend in Las Vegas proved to be no exception.

Now mind you, ANY trip to Las Vegas is ripe for a marketing lesson – but this particular “ah-ha” moment was packaged in a most unusual wrapping – and I’ve been very excited to return and recount this experience with you.

On Friday, with one day remaining until the long awaited Miley Cyrus Concert – I had two little ladies that were wound tighter than a drum in anticipation of the big night. So I decided to give Daddy a break and head over to GameWorks (our favorite Vegas) arcade and let Marina and Morgan loose for awhile for a night of fun & games.

But it was mom who got the biggest lesson of all to share…

If you don’t frequent arcades, the gist of it all is that you plunk your money into machines in hope of winning gobs of tickets that you then exchange for prizes at the end of the night. The lure is winning 1000s of tickets and the reality is that you usually get one or two for your efforts before moving on to the next machine in hopes of hitting the jackpot on the next try (hmmm, not a whole lot unlike gambling in Vegas LOL).

When all is said and done, the 50 or so tickets you amass may indeed be enough for a 5 cent lollipop – but it’s fun and there’s always that chance of hitting it big!

So during this trip, Morgan kicked off our night by winning 50 tickets straight away on a “Deal or No Deal” machine – hmm, pretty good – there was a least one lollipop in our future. Next, Marina headed for the huge “Wheel of Fortune” machine to give it a spin – 150 tickets came spitting out – ok, we were on a roll!

Next up was Skee Ball and Morgan was delighted at successfully rolling the balls up the lane and watching them land in their designated spots to accumulate points (and yes, win more tickets). Personally, I was delighted that Morgan’s aim has improved to the point that she no longer was in jeopardy of launching the rock solid balls at the unsuspecting folks around her – always a nail biting moment in past arcade trips with a toddler still striving for coordination skills!

Then, in the middle of her inescapable exuberance of these triumphs and the “gob” of tickets mommy was holding, a young couple walked up to her with a fistful of tickets and offered them to Morgan, who promptly replied, “No thank you ma’am – I have plenty already.” (In Morgan world – she’d already hit the jackpot.)

Of course, the couple explained that they wanted to increase her stack even more and Morgan politely accepted their kind gesture and then came running to me with the bounty to add to our collection screaming loudly for all to hear “Mommy – look at what my new friends just gave me!”

So the night proceeded with the girls getting more and more excited as each subsequent machine spit out more and more tickets than I had ever seen happen anywhere.

At the same time though, the higher the excitement rose – so too did the jumping and screaming, and running to mommy with fistfuls of tickets, and this began to attract the attention of the other players who were getting a great deal of delight in watching the whole scenario play out.

Then, the phenomena happened…

Another man came up and handed Marina what looked to be about 100 or more tickets and then went off to play another game. Then two ladies came up and did the same thing. Then the first couple returned with even more tickets than their original gift… (we were attracting tickets like a magnet!)

As the bag I was holding began to overflow, we decided to visit the ticket counting machine to see how we were doing. So we dumped the tickets on the floor and began feeding the machine and watching the points total.


Wow – 1200+ tickets! I felt a prize bigger than a lollipop in our future…

So we headed to the prize counter to see what 1200 tickets might get us and that’s when Morgan spotted a golden glitter lava lamp for 1700 tickets. Hmmm. My delight notwithstanding that our next generation may return to the good old days of lava lamps and disco balls,  we were still 500 tickets shy of the goal.

So with time on our hands and credits on our play cards remaining (yeah, “tokens” are passe these days – credits get loaded on a credit card and you swipe the card!) we hit the game floor once again in hopes of gaining those extra 500 tickets and leaving with lava lamp in hand.

Before we even got to the first machine, yet another player met us with tickets extended.

It wasn’t 20 minutes before my rough calculations told me that between the girls having tickets spit out left and right, and what was now at least 5 separate people playing and handing them all their tickets, that we surpassed the 500 ticket milestone and I knew the lava lamp was ours.

But the night was young and momentum was building – so this scenario kept up for another 2-3 hours without so much as a lull in the action. In fact, more people began arriving and at one point, I was beginning to wonder if the whole place wasn’t gifting tickets to us. Even the staff was starting to take notice.

For me, it was time to find a comfy table and kick back to muse over it all (and YES – rest my aching feet!) So I settled in to absorb the scenario that was unfolding in front of me.

And that’s when it hit me…

I was watching the Law of Abundance in action! Not contrived, but innocently playing out before my very eyes.

You see, there was a cycle here – for the girls it was all about joy and fun.

They were focused on the excitement of watching ticket after ticket spit out of the machine and their enthusiasm became obvious (and contagious) to those around them. There was no struggle, no desperation – no fighting tooth and nail for the next ticket…

The more energy they put out, the more abundance they attracted from those around them that “felt good” by adding to their bounty of tickets. It was borne out of delight, not pity. A group of strangers suddenly drawn to the joy of giving with no expectations in return…

The thrill of it all superseded urgency! Can you see the power in that?

And so I ask you – does your own thrill of what you do each day supersede YOUR urgency?

Does your marketing message or your interaction with your online community convey energy, enthusiasm and delight – such that others will find your joy contagious and want to “add” to YOUR bounty?

Or are you putting forth messages of desperation and urgency? Do your readers get the idea you are fighting tooth and nail for the next “ticket” (ahem, I mean SALE?)

I can’t answer this question for you and your personal situation – but I can tell you that I see urgency and desperation arrive daily to my inbox.

I see people who have marketing messages akin to pleading “buy from me or my world will crumble.” And of course, it is never overtly stated in that fashion – it’s more of the underpinnings of struggle and frustration when you read between the lines that I am pointing out here for your consideration.

Let’s face it – how compelling would it have been if the arcade players witnessed a screaming child throwing a tantrum and demanding mommy or daddy get them a lava lamp because their “world would crumble” without it?

Would than have engendered the reaction that our daughters received, or had people walking away shaking their heads in disgust?

Do your potential buyers walk away shaking their heads or does your exuberance for the joy of your online endeavors shine through and attract abundance in the form of buyers who are excited to add delight to your day?

And as our experience that night played out… the abundance I am suggesting to you is much like a magnet.

As our pile of tickets grew – it was as if people were drawn in to the excitement of seeing it grow even larger. People didn’t shy away from us the larger it got – they almost couldn’t resist participating in its growth!

When all was said and done, as you see in the picture here – we topped over 6000+ tickets and walked away from the prize counter with not only the coveted lava lamp – but a myriad of other top shelf prizes that will provide hours of joy and mountains of memories in the months to come!


And as we turned away from the counter – 3 bulging prize bags in hand – one final player hurried over to use with another gob of tickets extended and with a disappointed look on his face said, “Am I too late?”

To which Morgan promptly grabbed the tickets and said “No, you are NOT too late – let’s give them to this little boy over here…”

And with that message… we will save the lesson on the Law of Reciprocity for another day!




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