As we begin our blessed day of Christmas Eve celebrations here in the Mulac Motorhome, I have a profound message to share with you that's grown out of an interesting reaction to a video that I posted on YouTube a year ago.

Before we get to the video though, I want to preface it by underscoring what a powerful position you and I have in this career we pursue called "Internet Marketing!"

Whether you realize it or not, our tight little IMer world (no matter how hard it's been for you over the past year) affords us opportunity far beyond measure!

Even if sales were low, launches were lackluster and your faith was shaken…

Tomorrow is another day and the opportunity you seize is far beyond that which most of the world even comprehends.
Unknown ObjectWe build lists, we drive traffic, we create products, and we set goals for amounts of money that are incomprehensible for some (given this thing we do for a living called "work"…)

We aspire to a level of success that others who trudge off to a 9-5 J.O.B. rarely (if ever) can relate to.

And through it all – I believe in YOU and your ability to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams!

In fact, the faith and hope I have for you is really no different than the support we give our own two daughters.

Which brings me to the video…

1. As parents we put tools for success into our
daughters hands.

2. As marketers we put tools for success into YOUR hands!

Now, I know there are dream stealers in your life that believe YOU are not capable of doing anything meaningful with the tools I've shared with you throughout 2009.

Well, I know different!

I believe in my heart that you will put the tools I've given you this year to good use and 2010 will exceed your every expectation!

So unlike the small minded people in the video I'm about to ask you to watch (and comment on) we live in a world far apart from the norm…

And it's important to stop and take stock of the power we have at our fingertips!

Many of you reading this have met our daughters in person, and others have watched them grow up online.

You know they've joined us on stage at live events, have their own blog, sell their own products, and you may even follow them on
their Twitter accounts…

And in our IMer circles, none of this is any more incomprehensible than your own online endeavors.

So when Greg and I gave Marina & Morgan iTouches on Christmas Eve a year ago today – we knew they'd put the gifts to good use…

…Not much differently than when we give YOU tools for success.

However, it's a harsh world out there and as you are about to see – the naysayers abound!

Please watch this video and leave a comment in support of what you can accomplish when someone believes in YOU:

To Your Infinite Evolution!
Merry Christmas From The Mulac Family Marketers,
Stephanie, Greg, Marina & Morgan

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