“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”~ Abraham Lincoln

Even though you are no longer with us Mom, your legacy lives on…

My life is everything that you always dreamed of for me (and more) & I have you to thank for it all! I will be forever grateful for the love and years of sacrifice you put into raising me and everyday as mom and wife I am a reflection of who you raised me to be.

Many people remark on how wonderful our children are, and my only thought is that I had the BEST teacher! If Marina and Morgan recall their childhood with the same joy and appreciation as I had for mine, then I know my time here will have been complete.

I Love You Mom & you'll always be with me!

P.S. The first item we moved into our new motorhome is the embroidered pillow with the quote above that you know I have kept with me for years.

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