One of the most important forms of communication we have as Internet Marketers is our ability to reach out to our valued subscribers and communicate via email. Unfortunately, by its nature, it can also become one of the most abused as well.

Over the past few months, I have been very vocal about a disturbing trend that has evolved with email marketing. I wrote about Email Subject Line Trickery and got an overwhelming number of comments supporting my stance.

And I took your comments to heart!

Which is why you are seeing new and innovative changes to our entire email marketing format. This new format is tiecsealreating you – my valuable reader – with the intelligence and respect for your time that we believe you deserve here at the Infinite Evolution Center.

And while admittedly this new format is a test (and deviating drastically from the norm) so far the feedback has been nothing short of astounding. You've shown me that if I go the extra mile to distill the details of what I am sharing with you in our daily Resource Report – you will then take inspired action and and actually follow through.

For me – that alone is inspiration!

Once of my biggest frustrations is bringing you a message but having your life so filled with "clutter" that you miss the passion behind what I'm sharing and the valuable resources I seek out for you fall through the cracks.

Here are just a few of the positive comments we've received…

The new REPORT RESOURCE format is great!! It is like the one page report that most CEOs and Chairmen like to receive. I could make a decision to get more details if I want to. ~ Kelvin

And this one…

Your new format shows that you truly care about your subscribers. Not only does it respect my time, but it also treats your readers like they have a brain – something that too many other marketers seems to forget! You ROCK Stephanie! ~ George P.

So as the feedback continues to flow in by the 100s, we will continue to bring our message to you in a manner consistent with what we stand for and continue to seek ways to improve what we do.

To Your Infinite Evolution!



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