I received an email this weekend in regard to a WordPress Blogging product I promoted and other than the edit below in [brackets] – which I did because I avoid profanity on my blogs – I am pasting it here verbatim:

“I couldn’t believe you hyped a basic WordPress guide as if it teaches you how to make money. I have 6 WordPress sites, and make zero. You are full of [B.S.] hype and misleading marketing…”

Well hrumph – I guess he told me, now – didn’t he?


(And lest you think I’m about to rip this person a new one, no worries… it’s unlikely that he’ll ever read this, because I took the liberty of removing him from my list – his false accusations notwithstanding, he’s clearly a subscriber that’s not of the mindset we wish to serve.)

But for my valued subscribers – there’s a huge and powerful take away here…

On the one hand – I feel this person’s frustration (AND give myself a gold star for rising above the false accusations which I certainly don’t deserve.)  But on the other hand, it also started me thinking about how 2 people’s experiences with an online technique can be such polar opposites.

I mean, Greg and I derive thousands of dollars monthly from monetized blogging, so I have no issue with digging in my heals and standing firm in our convictions that blogging is one of the most rapid, effective, and solid online techniques we employ.

By the same token however, I KNOW that many of you reading this have blogs and are probably not earning a full-time income from them.

And so the question becomes…

What Makes Us Different From YOU?

Well, this couldn’t be a more timely question – because this coming Wednesday, September 23rd, at 6pm Pacific, Greg and I are presenting a teleseminar to delve into this very topic!

The teleseminar is FREE and it’s our 3rd Annual Event that we hold to celebrate the day that Greg quit his J.O.B.

But trust me – it’s not like most teleseminars you’ve experienced – this is a crazy night of no holds barred discussion where we reveal what’s worked and what’s failed for us over the past 12 months – and more important –  how YOU can multiply your profits in record time by emulating our success.

Not to mention – we take all your questions and keep going until the last one is standing!

This is the call each year that gets us rave reviews – and there’s always fun to be had – because if it isn’t fun… we don’t do it!

PLEASE join us – signup here for this awesome life changing event – and take a look at what you are about to experience first hand:


SPECIAL NOTE: On this very call, we will be revealing for the first time our most colossal failure to date – don’t miss it!

Register here to secure you spot as the lines WILL fill up quickly:


To Your Infinite Evolution!

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