Authority Job Killer is the latest offering from Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, who are considered to be among the best Internet Marketers out there. They already have some best selling products out there (Presell Secrets X for example) so they’re by no means newbies in the Internet Marketing product business.

So what exactly is Authority Job Killer?

Simply put, Authority Job Killer promises that you’ll be able to kill your day job and still make a fortune working from home.


By creating for yourself a highly lucrative Internet business, of course. But what makes Authority Job Killer different than all the other Internet marketing products out there?

For starters, it’s far more detailed than any other IM products I’ve seen. Authority Job Killer doesn’t claim to reinvent the wheel, and even admits that some of the ideas may seem familiar to the readers, but what makes Authority Job Killer stand out is the fact that it elaborates on a lot of concepts that most products just give a brief glimpse of.

The way the content within the course is written, it’s clear that Authority Job Killer will benefit both beginners and veterans in the Internet marketing business. Joel and Alvin have gone all out to reveal everything you’ve ever needed to know about starting your own Internet business for almost no cost at all, and they’ve shared their knowledge in a variety of formats.

~ Authority Job Killer Manual (PDF) ~

Containing 52 pages of solid info, the Authority Job Killer manual is a treasure trove of insights and concepts that have made Joel and Alvin a ton of cash with their online businesses. There’s absolutely no fluff to be found anywhere, and practically every word is pure gold in terms of knowledge value. From the foundations of an online business to advanced strategies on scaling your business fast to 5 figures, Joel and Alvin leaves no stone unturned as they explain in great detail what an Internet marketer has to do in order to build a successful online empire.

~ Authority Job Killer Process Map (PDF) ~

The problem I had with the manual was that I would sometimes get lost in the details. For anyone with a short attention span (like myself) they would have a bit of trouble absorbing the detailed concepts and techniques in the manual. But worry not, Joel and Alvin have compiled all the details within the manual into a simple yet comprehensive process map, which you can use to retrace your steps if you ever lose your way as you implement the various strategies listed within the manual.

~ 3 Authority Job Killer Videos (MP4 videos) ~

These are perhaps the best components in the entire course. If  you’re not someone who learns too well from reading, then the 3 Authority Job Killer videos will show you exactly what needs to be done every step of the way. Joel and Alvin show you which sites to go to and which resources to use by visiting these sites and guiding you along the way “live”. It’s the closest thing you can get to watching over their shoulders as they work.

For a “work-at-home” product, I’d say this is maybe one of the best I’ve seen on the market right now. Authority Job Killer is highly detailed, comprehensive, and doesn’t disappoint in delivering what it promises: to murder your day job and help you earn tons of cash.

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