Let's face it – when I wake up every morning, I look forward to jumping out of bed and heading straight to the computer!

I have a routine (albeit – loosely formed) and I love it.

My routine frequently includes checking stats, following up on email, looking at my inbox to see who's promoting what and taking a look at who's online in a few of the group Skype channels I belong to. Basically, I browse around and make sure nothing needs tending to and then I proceed to work the day's plan.

It's easy, flexible and I answer to no one other than customers or clients.

So why on earth would I want to walk away – and further, why would I be getting ready to recommend you consider the same?

Well, sometimes life throws you a curve ball – in my case, it was the recent demise of our house when a pipe burst.  But the curve ball could be anything – illness, a death in the family, a natural disaster, even a simple ill-timed computer crash… There are so many unforeseen things that can crop up when you least expect it and interrupt your daily lifestyle. (What I now call my "cushy" IM lifestyle – compared to what I've just been through with the insurance company LOL!)

So the real question becomes, "do you have an online 'disaster preparedness' kit?" I'm not talking about freeze dried food and bottled water here – that's a whole other story – what I'm talking about is preparing your online business in case you ever have (or need) to walk away!

You see, when I had to step away for 3 months my income didn't stop – and neither should yours if you take the proper steps ahead of time.

Now, I understand that maybe you are just in the stage of creating an online business that will pay the bills today, so the concept of walking away seems a little ill-timed. But trust me, it's not! This is the PERFECT time to be addressing this issue – when you least need it.

The common phrase that we all hear is "passive, residual income" – and basically, it means setting up your business so that you are not relying simply on daily sales or promotions. The daily stuff is great, but if you are building your business based upon just this model alone, you are tying yourself to a schedule that can't tolerate interruption. And let's face it – that's not much different than being tied to a paycheck and a J.O.B.!

What saved us through the forced time off was all of the systems we had in place that DIDN'T require our presence. Things that run without us and require little if any input to maintain.

Some of these things include membership sites, back end offers, automated blogs that generate traffic organically, autoresponder series that have been in place for ages, and many other automated systems that we've laid in through the years. Approaching our business in this fashion saved the day when we had to walk away and tend to "life happening."

And in the coming months, you are going to be hearing me continually mention programs and offers that will allow you to do the same.

In fact, I am so adamant about this, that I've recently started lining up things specifically for you that will allow you to position yourself and your business to walk away if the need arises. Heck, this approach even applies if "walking away" is simply a much needed month long vacation!

But you already know, I don't believe in just spouting off words of wisdom without backing it up by both example (as well as leading you to the source of the same things I use with success.) So when you hear me jumping up and down about something that will allow you to position yourself for "walking away" – please take heed. It comes from the standpoint of my passion: careful consideration and concern for you and your online endeavors.

And to this end, today I have two very important resources for you to begin doing exactly what I've been discussing here.

1. First, is a free gift: http://infiniteevolutioncenter.com/endorses/freegift1 from on of the masters of online residual income programs. This superb & FREE  training will give you insight into how to apply much of what I've been talking about here today.

2. Next, I want you to go sign up free here as an affiliate: http://infiniteevolutioncenter.com/passive/bekker – and what you will find is some of the best paying and highest converting products I've promoted in a long time. But more important – you will learn about a phenomenal leads program that will cost you nothing to implement, but will pay you over and over again – month in and month out. Once in place, this pay per lead program will add to your passive income arsenal – just like it did ours while we were away!

Together, we will continue to delight in waking each day and doing what we love – but if you ever have to step away, I will help you today with the systems that will let you walk away tomorrow…

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To Your Infinite Evolution!



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