My phenomenal, adorable hubby talked me into having some fun and posting this for the world to see WITHOUT me editing for spelling, grammar or punctuation. I had to take a sedative, but I did it… and ONLY because there are some valuable tips here and I'm too busy to wrestle him to the ground and let me edit it like I've done for every sentence he's written over the past 5 years! Hahahahaha!


So here goes…

We all know of the traffic and List building qualities of a properly done blog but most people hit a roadblock when they are out in the deep niches where they should be finding some great affiliate products to promote. Of course they go for the quick Google Adsense and amazon and clickbank widgets, but if you are in a true niche they are only a small part of really monetizing it.

Join us on a Journey to add some unique things to a blog that is by no means in the main stream or would ever be recommended by the self-called experts out there. But guess what it does something that most recommended things never do, it makes money every day even when it’s forgotten for a few months at a time.

First off do you have a well thought out and properly set up blog that will build you list and is designed to bring in profit for you?  If you answer no, then you have 2 choices right now, first you can go to the link I am adding here and get one. Or you can just keep doing what you’re doing and keep wondering why it’s not working for you.

So if you need a Blog, a properly set up autoresponder, a product and all the pages to make real money go here http://dfymarketing.com/doneforyou/

If you think you have everything right go there and make sure you got all the things Stephanie covers there on your blog.

Ok everyone always picks a Niche that’s perfect in the Google searches and how everyone thinks they should be done for you to use, we all know no one ever uses those niches, well I say go with your passion, if you don’t we both know you won’t do it, and it will just fell like another job.

So anyone that took the time to do a search on me or add me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/gregmulac knows the way I play and enjoy the rewards this business has to offer is Treasure hunting, gold prospecting, Rockhounding and anything related to a fun quest.

The Main Site is http://www.losttreasurehunting.com/ This site goes back 4 years when we were deep into our 6 month plan to go full time and for me to quit my job, Stephanie and the girls asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said a treasure site. Well the rest is history, I got my site and 2 and a half months later we have finalized our business model and I quit working.

That was 4 years ago, and I would only change one thing, we would have started sooner lol.

Now the blog in question is http://treasurestories.losttreasurehunting.com/ Notice its just a subdomain, normally I would not recommend this unless you have a great site anchoring it and its all the same subject, not just using a subdomain because its free, but using it cause you’re going to tie a lot into the main Niche site.

Now we visit the blog, of course there are Google Adsense and Amazon blocks and yes I know nothing on the blog is perfect and it doesn’t look like it just rolled off the show room floor, but with my writing style and target market it really doesn’t mater. And I will not even give Stephanie the login because she would go in and make it all nice and stuff lol.

So how do I find things and then get them noticed, well if it’s a passion of you’re the best way it to look at the last 10 things you bought for your hobby or passion, I bet there’s either an affiliate program for them or a very similar product. If there is not one there is an opportunity to contact the owners and sell them an affiliate program, never stop thinking of expanding your business, ever.

I have found a lot of mine by visiting sites that are in the same niche as mine and see who their using. It’s as easy as putting the mouse over the add and look at the link, if not click on it and see where it takes you.

Now I know every book you ever read tells you to go to linkshare well I never will, they are not a company I will deal with, there scam in my opinion is they get you to sign up and get a bunch of links out, and if it’s a new person that is just building something they deactivate the account before the person has made their first sale and then they get all the benefit from the free links you set up.

For someone like us we would not have to worry about that but in my opinion, and I refuse to change, if you cheat the people just starting you will eventually find a way to cheat me, so I will stick to companies that treat everyone good.

Now the main program I would recommend is this one, I have found the most thing I use in my niche on there as well as a few things that fit great http://www.losttreasurehunting.com/shareasale it is free to sign up and the link is my affiliate link so you even get something for helping others find what they’re looking for.  

I am using these ads a few different ways and this will work with any affiliate program you chose. Why I have so much faith in them is I set up a test account and somehow forgot about it, it was 2 years later I remembered I had it and went in and checked all links were still tracking and no issues with it. They have a lot of pay per action as well as a lot of great products to promote.

1. Just the basic block and banner type adds on the main blog and then the single post and search pages.
2. I will do a series of blog posts with pictures and videos from the initial set up to the actual using of the product, this is the best way to go. You have the links in the post, you have the links on the pictures, you put the videos on you tube http://www.youtube.com/gregmulac and link them back to the blog.
3. Write a quality review of the product and add it to the article sites, Yes I know I’ve heard it doesn’t work, and I encourage everyone to believe that and I will have much less competition on the article sites.
Ezinearticles http://ezinearticles.com/  is still good and still works great, my only issue is there to picky, my articles always get rejected on grammar grounds and I have to ask Stephanie to make it look like someone educated wrote it lol. (STEPHANIE'S NOTE: If you're still reading, need I say more as to why his articles get rejected until I edit them?)

I still get traffic from articles I wrote 3 years ago, if that’s not a good ROI then I don’t know what is.

My favorite one I found on you tube and I went to their site from the link in there description and seen they had an affiliate program, I know I’m going to buy one so I signed up and I’ll do a lot of videos and posts on that one. It’s a great idea and I will have a lot of fun with it. Amazing what you can do with some PVC and a bucket lol. http://www.losttreasurehunting.com/handdredge
And no matter what the niche just do a basic search on your keyword and affiliate program and I’m sure you will find a lot of things you never knew were out there. Always remember keep a file of the urls for the program, the username and passwords as well as the redirect links, having that entire list in one file will make your life a lot easier.
Another fun one for no matter how far out there your Niche is this one, Amazon is nice but this one caters to the low price and even free ebooks, a great way to get people there shopping.

http://www.losttreasurehunting.com/smash  it’s called Smashwords and they have the same set up as Amazon, but the subjects are more varied.  So take everything make your blog look a bit different from the rest and have some fun, there are endless ideas out there to get some quality content that also makes you some money, If you’re not having fun doing this business I recommend you quit and get a second job, Remember no one wants to be around a negative person.

And this is my first blog post ever with a disclaimer lol. I asked it be added as is no editing or making it nice. Hope everyone enjoyed it.

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