I'm currently sitting in 1st PLACE in a contest and there's a "bounty" on  my head to see if anyone can topple me and it's based on getting people to signup for this FREE Gift Here: http://infiniteevolutioncenter.com/endorses/conversion

Now here's a question that my 9-year old daughter Marina (a mini marketer herself) asked me last night:

"Mommy, what's more important – winning or helping people on your list?"

Whoa! Indeed!


Now, you have to understand a little background as to why she'd even ask this question…

First, I've always played a little game with these leads contests that only a few people know about.

I don't count winning prize money as part of my income – it's a perk that I've always used as a learning experience for our two daughters.

So anytime I win a leaderboard contest – the money goes to them. And it's NOT for a toy or some "fluff" that will be forgotten on a shelf in a week – we usually pick something together that we'll enjoy as a family – building a memory, having a learning experience together or something that will enhance our lives or someone else's life.

The message has always been: Set a goal, work to achieve it and when you succeed use the rewards to better yourself or others.

Cool message that always worked real well… until recently which brings me to my second point… :-(

You see, I recently ran an event and offered a similar type "bounty" contest for my own JV partners – it was to be a clean, fun contest and my own daughters got into the spirit of things and prepared to watch the outcome.

Sadly, the events that ensued surrounding this 48 hour mini contest were far from the message I had hoped my daughters would take away.

So in light of that – here's an open letter to my daughter, but also one that I want to share with all of my valued subscribers and readers:



Dear Marina,

You asked a profound question indeed – 'Mommy, what's more important – winning or helping people on your list?'

Without hesitation sweetheart, Helping Others is FAR more important that winning – because in doing so you are ALREADY a winner! And no one can ever take that away from you.

I am disheartened that you had to stand by recently and see an ugly side of Internet Marketing for a brief moment in my recent giveaway – but what happened was only a tiny blip on the radar compared to the 1000s of people the event helped and the difference it made in their lives. So don't ever think that all of mommy's efforts in running the giveaway were anything but worthwhile – we set records, we launched careers and we helped others to build a better life! And that is truly the spirit in which I do everything you watch me do each day, honey.

In fact, the person who ended up winning Mommy's event is a young, up & coming role model – the kind of marketer Mommy & Daddy like for you to meet. So we will probably take a day trip real soon so you can shake his hand in person! So "Uncle Shane" better rest up and get ready to meet us Mulacs, right? LOL

But at the same time dear, on a more serious note – this is the real world and there are still lessons for not only you to learn here, but for all of the people on my list who have grown to trust me.

You see, Mommy now has a bounty on her head and the timing is ironic – but I guess it's the Universe's way of getting a good chuckle.

Unlike what you have just seen one "bad apple" do in my event – I will not EVER send a message to you that "winning at any cost" is the way to run a business or build a brand reputation. Far to the contrary – winning by trashing your competition or misleading your audience makes you a loser with a capital "L"

The contest that mommy is in is for a product I believe in – and that is the ONLY reason I want people to get it!

If 1000s of people get it for the right reasons, then I too am already a winner – regardless of where I show up on the leaderboard. And since you watch the videos for this product with me – you already know what it does and how it will help Mommy's subscribers.

This is why you see me spend hours of time reviewing things before I share them with others – so that I can look you and your sister in the eye!

In fact, I've never told you this before…

But many of the decisions I make are based around me imagining I'm looking YOU in the eye while I'm selling or promoting something – and that's what's called a "litmus test."

It means that I do a little "internal, ethical check" and say – would I recommend this to my own daughter that I'm teaching "life" (and marketing too…) If the answer is a resounding YES – then and only then will I share it with the rest of our subscribers, list, and online family!

As you continue to grow and develop your own online business Marina – you will be where many of the others who are reading this right now sit. Some of them are literally 10 times your age – but have told me before that YOU inspire them! What an honor that is and one to NEVER take lightly my dear!

Like them, you will build a brand, teach others, and be faced with choices…

My lesson to you today is to simply ask yourself, "Would this be something I'd recommend to my own mother? If YOUR answer is yes… then you know you're already a winner!

I Love You!

So with all of that said – there IS a contest that I am in, there IS a bounty on my head to topple me from the #1 spot by noon on Monday, and I DO want you to grab a free gift right here: http://infiniteevolutioncenter.com/endorses/conversion that will help me maintain the top spot on the leaderboard.

But… I want you to do it for the right reason:

Because it WILL help you improve YOUR business! Plain and Simple!

I've reviewed it – endorse it and believe that if you follow it – it will make a difference in your bottom line. Will it make you a millionaire overnight? Heck no! Geeesh, if it did – I'd be off on a vacation right now!

These are tips & techniques to MAKE YOU BETTER – not a magic bullet that is your ticket to a free ride. You'll have to put in some effort – but the rewards will be ten-fold and it will give you a perspective that you've heard few other places!

So yes, please do grab this FREE gift here: http://infiniteevolutioncenter.com/endorses/conversion

But even if together we don't "win" the bounty – know that YOU and I and my own daughters are already winners and together we will continue to fight the good clean battles as we endeavor to win the war!

May you be victorious in ALL that you do and the choices you make!

P.S. I encourage you to ask me ANY questions about this product and/or to leave any comments below about how this post has made a difference in your own life as well as any words of encouragement for our daughters – who will be reading (and maybe even responding) to your comments!


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