Ok, I'm going to admit it right here and now… I do indeed have a maid that comes in to clean our 37 foot motorhome while we travel full-time living our RV lifestyle! Now before you go crazy and start sending me emails about not being able to afford this luxury yourself hear me out, because I'm sharing this to illustrate a point that I strongly feel will change the way you do business… yes, it's that significant! First of all, this "luxury" only costs me $25 a week – it's not like she's cleaning the Taj Mahal after all. I mean, how much mess can 4 people make in 37 feet? (Ok, Greg does his fair share – but still!) Second, you probably think I'm heading down the path of pointing out the benefits of outsourcing and acknowledging the relative value of your time – but that's overdone and a little obvious. Although I will stop here long enough to point out that ME cleaning vs. that same amount of time spent working on a project for our business brings me far more than the $25 I spend having someone else do it. But that's not the primary message here either… Have you ever heard people joke about cleaning the house before the maid comes to clean? Or cleaning out the car before it goes to the detail shop? Have you ever mused over why human nature would elicit such behavior? You see, I've noticed that when my own family knows that someone is regularly showing up to clean up after them (other than mom!) that they are 100 times more likely to clean up after themselves during the days in between. It's like there is this air of an added level of responsibility that kicks in when you know that an objective third-party is looking over your shoulder. I even have to admit, that as much of a neat freak as I am, it gives me added incentive too. Yes – we're talking ACCOUNTABILITY here! Now, on the one hand, there's obvious merit in instilling the core values of taking personal responsibility for your own actions – and around our house, that is not a forgotten value by any stretch. But by the same token, the reality is when human nature kicks in, we all need a little help now and again. And the help I am proposing here comes in the form of finding what is commonly referred to as an Accountability Partner. If you haven't heard about this before, or even if you have but haven't made an attempt to align yourself with such a person, it's time for you to seriously consider the benefits and explore the difference it will make in your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Even if they don't put a specific label on it, almost every successful business person has some form of an Accountability Partner in their life in one way or another. This might be a formal arrangement or a loose fitting one – either way, it's often the secret weapon that propels many people to greatness. When you seek out another individual to be your own Accountability Partner, what you are doing is finding someone that you respect who likewise shares an interest in your success and you in theirs. Mutually, you each bring objectivity to the table for your separate endeavors and it is not even a requirement that you even be in the same business or phase of life – just simply two people who serve to propel and inspire one another. You may "check-in" with your Accountability Partner daily, weekly, or at whatever frequency suits both of your schedules. But regardless of how you coordinate it – this person becomes your sounding board and confidant. Someone with whom you outline your agenda for the coming week and then review your accomplishments, setbacks and/or challenges at week's end. And in return – you do the same for them. And herein lies the beauty in this concept… All too often in the online marketing realm we often work in isolation – striving to keep our proverbial "house" clean and orderly even though no one ever comes to visit. But consider the benefit and value of Monday morning coming when you touch base with your Accountability Partner and get to report that you finished your weekend project without a hitch! Or that you added 200 new subscribers to your list as a result of last week's efforts! Everyone loves an "attaboy" and that's where this who concept was born! See how knowing that the "maid" is arriving on Monday suddenly gives you the impetus to push through the tasks and keep your own house in order? And that even though you are diligent and fastidious by nature, it just simply "feels good" to look forward to sharing your triumphs with someone who is in your corner? I said at the start that what I wanted to share could well change the way you do business and when you experience the presence of an Accountability Partner in your life and the resulting benefits, you may just find it an indispensable part of your business model — like many, many successful entrepreneurs have already learned! And before you know it – you'll get very accustomed to that "clean house," it will inevitably produce!


If you have a story to share of how an Accountability Partner has shaped your business, please leave a comment so that others may learn from you as well!


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