As another summer is winding its way to an end, us Mulac Family Marketers are approaching our 18th month on the road enjoying our full-time RV living lifestyle – traveling the U.S. speaking, coaching, and networking with fellow marketers.

It’s been one of the most gratifying experiences Greg and I have ever had, and Morgan (6, soon to be 7) and Marina (8 soon to be 21) are thriving in their travel adventures and homeschooling lifestyle.

From a business standpoint, this summer has been one marked by change and continued growth and I want to share with you today some of the exciting things to come as we all begin the trek into the quickly approaching last quarter of 2009.

“New” is the prevailing theme resulting from our recent effortsnew sites, new products, and a new approach to helping YOU achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, just like we’ve done with ours!

So let’s take each of the “new” things one at a time (I’ve saved the best for last, so keep reading…)

1. NEW SITES - In addition to this blog getting a makeover and new domain – and a 16 minute mini-course found at (setting the stage for our philosophy that EVERYONE needs a blog! LOL) – we have also launched a new hub/portal site called the Infinite Evolution Center. Enjoy a look around and you’ll see that there’s really nothing much to buy, but more of a platform for our philosophy and the 3 major divisions of our focus.

Even the name is new – “Infinite Evolution” was crafted to drive home the point that your capabilities are endless and our role is to continue to facilitate you evolving and attaining new heights daily!

Most important about this site, however, is our new approach and philosophy surrounding the tag line “Because Prosperity Is Multidimensional.” You see, over the past 4 years we’ve realized there are 2 important common denominators that exist in all the subscribers, buyers and clients we’ve served:

First – Wealth, prosperity and success does not happen in a vacuum – it is a combination of factors and “getting your head right” is one of the most important of those factors. Too often people are looking for the magic bullet, draining their bank accounts in hopes of finding it, and only then discover it was inside of them all the time. The new products and services we will be sharing with you in the coming months will be designed to strike a balance between ALL of these elements and geared toward developing well rounded entrepreneurs and not “one shot wonders” hopping from project to project or dream to dream.

Second – A major revelation over the past year has underscored to us that you don’t need to be an Internet Marketer to Market on the Internet! Not everyone who wants to make money online conversely wants to turn into a professional marketer – and for those people we have developed and are branding an exclusive new line of “Done For You” (DFY) Marketing options.

In many ways, DFY Marketing is not for the IM crowd – but the offline entrepreneur that wants to keep doing what they do best while we do the rest! However, we also have programs for resellers in the DFY Marketing side of things that will allow you to outsource your own client’s needs to us without us ever having direct contact with your own customers. I encourage you to check out DFY Marketing for more information if this sounds like something that is a fit for you.

2. NEW PRODUCTS - We have quite a bit of new products in the works as is our typical routine, but perhaps the most significant of all is that they will shortly be “housed” in our new Infinite Evolution Learning Center (not online yet). This learning center will raise the bar on marketing education in our industry in a way that’s never before been available – and as a valued reader and subscriber you will get to hear about it first hand!

Hint: It’s foundation is based upon the 12 hours of marketing training that I was invited to do in Hawaii earlier this summer when we enjoyed a phenomenal “workation” in Oahu!

3. NEW APPROACH - We have been blessed to amass a huge number of friends in this industry – some of the greatest and most well respected marketers of our time, as a matter of fact. And part of our new approach is to allow you an opportunity to “meet” as many of our friends as possible.

We are leveraging our contacts daily to bring you as many FREE resources as we possibly can get on hands on. Not only does this include free gifts – ebooks, reports, blueprints & guides – but also webinars, teleseminars, and as many invites as we can come up with that will allow you to put your plastic away and have someone give back to you for a change.

Our valued subscribers have already gotten a taste of this approach and the feedback has been tremendous! So I encourage you not to miss one email that’s coming your way – because you never know what Free Goodies I have in store!

Now, does this mean we don’t plan on ever selling you anything?

Of course not – we didn’t win the lottery this summer, afterall! Realistically, there are some things that are well worth an investment for sure! And while building a solid and successful business online has a tremendous edge over the investment required for brick and mortar businesses, there are still costs associated with running a professional endeavor – our goal is to simply help you determine which is which.

You see, not everything we send your way is right for you, and we are intent on helping you become a discerning consumer. When you buy something that sits on your desktop and gathers dust – we’ve failed in our “job” and the trust you place in us. And no amount of money in our own bank account makes up for that. It’s not why we do what we do.

We feel in this way that when we find something that is indeed “investment worthy,” you will be better prepared to make a buying decision when you’ve been given an opportunity to avail yourself to FREE information  and educate yourself on the infinite possibilities that exist for making money online.

And we encourage you to continue to give us your valuable feedback in what types of information would help you the most – and we’ll twist some arms and make sure our friends ante up with the goods, so you can learn while you earn!

So I feel like it’s the first day back to school and my assignment was “What Did I Do Over My Summer Vacation!” LOL

What do YOU think? Did we spend our time on your behalf this summer wisely and what can we continue to do to make things even better? Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

To Your Infinite Evolution!
Stephanie (and Greg, Marina & Morgan too!)

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