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Authority Job Killer is the latest offering from Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, who are considered to be among the best Internet Marketers out there. They already have some best selling products out there (Presell Secrets X for example) so they’re by no means newbies in the Internet Marketing product business.

So what exactly is Authority Job Killer?

Simply put, Authority Job Killer promises that you’ll be able to kill your day job and still make a fortune working from home.


By creating for yourself a highly lucrative Internet business, of course. But what makes Authority Job Killer different than all the other Internet marketing products out there?
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“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”~ Abraham Lincoln

Even though you are no longer with us Mom, your legacy lives on…

My life is everything that you always dreamed of for me (and more) & I have you to thank for it all! I will be forever grateful for the love and years of sacrifice you put into raising me and everyday as mom and wife I am a reflection of who you raised me to be.

Many people remark on how wonderful our children are, and my only thought is that I had the BEST teacher! If Marina and Morgan recall their childhood with the same joy and appreciation as I had for mine, then I know my time here will have been complete.

I Love You Mom & you'll always be with me!

P.S. The first item we moved into our new motorhome is the embroidered pillow with the quote above that you know I have kept with me for years.

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As we celebrate Mother's Day – I wanted to share a video with you that epitomizes the memories that motherhood is made of!

We had the opportunity to explore the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium recently and were blown away by the entire experience.

The activities and cleanliness of the property were impressive, as were the selection of exhibits which included rare and exotic animals as well as childhood favorites like zebras, giraffes, lions, tigers, and an huge array of monkeys, meerkats, antelope, gazelles, a rhino, turtles, and much more!

With train and boat rides, a log flume and a sky ride – there were a multitude of ways to see the park and receive a mini guided tour on each attraction.

In addition, with spring on the horizon, we got to see a large assortment of new arrivals including a baby lion, two porcupines, and sharks – including some animals that were born the day we were there. What a delight!

But perhaps the crowning moment in the entire day came as night fell in the aquarium and we got a lesson on how to feed the stingrays.

Putting shrimp between our fingers we were instructed on how to slide our hand down the side of the tank and wait for the gentle giants to come and suck it out of our finger.

As you will see in this hilarious video – it's often what they don't tell you that makes the adventure the greatest of all:


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When faced recently with the option of rebuilding our brick & mortar home in Pennsylvania, buying a new home, or upgrading our lifestyle on wheels – guess which we chose?

That's right! When our family sat down and weighed all the factors, we came to the conclusion that there really was no "joy of home ownership" for us unless the "home" had at least 6 to 8 wheels and would take us where ever our hearts desired.

So with that said – the home in PA is history and we are in the process of customizing our new motorhome so that the kids, cats, me and Greg will each have all the creature comforts we desire as we travel down the highway of life – literally!

We've had 3-5 service people at any given time installing new flat screen HD TV's, a remote satellite dish that seeks it's signal at the touch of a button, new shelves & cubby's and lots more… Not to mention the new cargo trailer to haul our golf cart and Greg's new toy:














Click on the picture below to see a set of pics from our new home:

Safari Continental Motorhome











As we continue the modifications and get underway this summer – this is the spot where all the marketing magic will happen! And we are grateful to have the opportunity to share it all with you!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

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