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Customizing Your PLR Content 101

Posted on 19 Apr 2006 In: Internet Marketing

There are many ways to build content sites, the web offers a good amount of tools and software that enable you to quickly and easily create keyword rich content site. With the growing popularity of Private Label Rights (PLR) membership sites, webmaster and internet marketers alike, are finding these PLR sites a valuable tool to boost their growth of their business in 2006.

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Right before Christmas I wrote a message for my Motivation Newsletter subscribers about the value of traditions. I will dig the entire piece out of my archives and post it here soon, but in the meantime and in the spirit of the Easter Holiday that is upon many of us, I wanted to reinforce the importance of tradition in our lives.

Every holiday I am reminded of my dear mother who passed on last year; but memories are what keeps her alive and well within my own family. It is the memory of coloring Easter Eggs, baking cookies, and the Easter basket that was always filled to the brim on Easter morning that makes it seem as if it was only yesterday that the Easter Bunny was hopping around my backyard. And as I pass these and many more traditions down to my own children, I see the delight in their eyes when we embark on activities that they will one day do with their own children.
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As signs of Spring start to rise all around us and that Spring Cleaning bug hits, I have to admit I have been caught up in the frenzie too. Unfortunately for the rest of my family though, it isn’t the house that’s commanding my attention. MY Spring Cleaning is of a different nature — I am on a mission to clean, organize, backup and weed out my computer and Internet Marketing material. Yes, that’s right, LET’S GET ORGANIZED!
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