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Saying Thank You Has Its Own Rewards

Posted on 24 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

Several weeks ago I wrote a thank you letter to an organization that had performed a variety of services for me. This wasn’t an Internet Marketing testimonial letter as we all think about so frequently, but an actual letter that was sent to a private sector community organization. My experience with this fine group of people was so impressive that I felt it would be wrong not to share my satisfation with the director of the organization.
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When I want to “get away from it all,” I have a corner that I go sit in. My corner is not the “nose to the wall, don’t look around or talk to anyone” kind of place — although symbolically it could amount to that. And it is certainly not a punishment. To the contrary, it is my space that I’ve created to step back and take a break. I have decorated my space with things that are particularly meaningful to me. There are candles (my passion) and there is a photo of my family, some magazines and books for me to browse, and a few other things that pamper me while I am sitting in my corner taking my “time out.”
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Dealing With Difficult People – Less Is More

Posted on 14 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

I am a big proponent of talking things out and candid communication. In fact, in most instances this is the best approach to any aspect of our lives. However, there are some instances where I find the less said the better. And often this can be even more productive in the long run.

You might know the type of person I’m speaking of… The one you can never win with. Too often, this type of person is in their own little world, they hear nothing that’s said anyway and even if they “hear” it, they don’t think its applicable to them. These are the instances wherein I say to myself, “words are going to be wasted here, bide your time and pick your battles.” Otherwise, I am spinning my wheels and simply frustrating myself because any attempt at communication goes unrewarded.
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Exciting New Changes are underway!! (i.e., more succes, more profits, more resources!)

My website is in the process of undergoing some major revisions! It’s already got a new look, but in addition to that, I have posted some new articles that will enhance your online Internet Marketing efforts whether you are a newbie or an experienced adsense, affiliate, SEO, or other expert marketer. The first is on Website Design Basics and it details ways to boost your image and increase your click throughs. Another one is a thought provoking article on Focus which gives you practical, no-nonsense advice on how to grow your Internet Marketing empire! There are also several more, so go check it out!
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