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Why Your #1 Goal Should Be Walking Away

Posted on 3 May 2010 In: Internet Marketing

Let's face it – when I wake up every morning, I look forward to jumping out of bed and heading straight to the computer!

I have a routine (albeit – loosely formed) and I love it.

My routine frequently includes checking stats, following up on email, looking at my inbox to see who's promoting what and taking a look at who's online in a few of the group Skype channels I belong to. Basically, I browse around and make sure nothing needs tending to and then I proceed to work the day's plan.

It's easy, flexible and I answer to no one other than customers or clients.

So why on earth would I want to walk away – and further, why would I be getting ready to recommend you consider the same?

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Merry Christmas from the Mulac Family Marketers!

Whatever tradition holds in store for you today
in your corner of the world, our family wishes you
blessings beyond measure during this season of
Peace, Love, Hope and Joy!

As a valued member of our online family
I want you to know that it's been a privilege and honor
to share 2009 with you.

I believe in you and the greatest gift of all
is watching you prosper!

So each year, instead of filling your inbox with
the online equivalent of fruitcakes & neckties,
I ask YOU to tell me what gift you most want from
me as my Christmas present to you…

Unknown Object

Well, you have spoken!

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As we begin our blessed day of Christmas Eve celebrations here in the Mulac Motorhome, I have a profound message to share with you that's grown out of an interesting reaction to a video that I posted on YouTube a year ago.

Before we get to the video though, I want to preface it by underscoring what a powerful position you and I have in this career we pursue called "Internet Marketing!"

Whether you realize it or not, our tight little IMer world (no matter how hard it's been for you over the past year) affords us opportunity far beyond measure!

Even if sales were low, launches were lackluster and your faith was shaken…

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The other day I was watching a cooking show on Food Network with the girls and the chef talking about all the cooking disasters that can happen in the kitchen during Thanksgiving and how to avoid them.

With only a few days to go before Thanksgiving, I could practically taste the pumpkin pie as it was coming out of the oven!

But then he said something like, "Your Thanksgiving dinner will be flawless as long as you use the right tools!"

Hmmm, The right tools… that's what my mother always said when I was growing up!

It didn't matter if I was making our famous nutroll, a napkin holder for a mother's day present, or helping her install a new faucet in the sink – if she caught me trying to slide by with a tool that wasn't right for the job she'd make me hustle and get the right one.

Usually these tools were very inexpensive, yet when I used them they saved me a ton of time because I could work so much faster.

It's like that in Affiliate Marketing too!

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