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A few months ago when Dave Nicholson (a respected marketer I go waaay back with) told me about Multi Profit Websites, I knew that what he and John Thornhill were cooking up was going to be huge, powerful, and an injection of fresh air into an otherwise dull summer of “me too” product launches.

Multi Profit Websites has single handedly resurrected the merits of multiple income streams via niche websites and capitalized on current technology to make it the most powerful, flexible and easy to use, turnkey niche website building that’s been launched in years (yes, years!)

As you might imagine from my intro – this review is favorable beyond measure – but let me highlight a few points to explain why…

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Sometimes the most profound lessons in life come when we least expect it, and this past weekend in Las Vegas proved to be no exception.

Now mind you, ANY trip to Las Vegas is ripe for a marketing lesson – but this particular “ah-ha” moment was packaged in a most unusual wrapping – and I’ve been very excited to return and recount this experience with you.

On Friday, with one day remaining until the long awaited Miley Cyrus Concert – I had two little ladies that were wound tighter than a drum in anticipation of the big night. So I decided to give Daddy a break and head over to GameWorks (our favorite Vegas) arcade and let Marina and Morgan loose for awhile for a night of fun & games.

But it was mom who got the biggest lesson of all to share…

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I received an email this weekend in regard to a WordPress Blogging product I promoted and other than the edit below in [brackets] – which I did because I avoid profanity on my blogs – I am pasting it here verbatim:

“I couldn’t believe you hyped a basic WordPress guide as if it teaches you how to make money. I have 6 WordPress sites, and make zero. You are full of [B.S.] hype and misleading marketing…”

Well hrumph – I guess he told me, now – didn’t he?


(And lest you think I’m about to rip this person a new one, no worries… it’s unlikely that he’ll ever read this, because I took the liberty of removing him from my list – his false accusations notwithstanding, he’s clearly a subscriber that’s not of the mindset we wish to serve.)

But for my valued subscribers – there’s a huge and powerful take away here…

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Two years ago this week, I met a man who has single handedly been responsible for over 60% of my income since the day we met!

This genius has literally:

* Revolutionized the way I do business
* Enabled me to make money hand over fist
* Given me a way to attract JV partners like flies on … (well, you know LOL)
* Automated my ENTIRE Sales, delivery & affiliate systems…

In short… he’s put earning power beyond measure at my finger tips!

Thus, allowing me to focus on what I do best & not stress over the mechanics of buggy software (which I did A LOT before I met him – still have the grey hair to prove it!)

Da Man: is Sid Hale

The Product is: RAP (Rapid Action Profits)

The Question is:

If you don’t already own it – WHY NOT?

And if you do own it – KEEP READING – because this will be even more exciting for you!

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