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With eager anticipation, I jumped out of bed today to celebrate my 45th birthday!

My excitement is not so much because of any particular plans – although we are headed later to Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge (brought here in 1964, my birth year coincidentally enough.)

And truth be known, my birthday celebration began over a week ago when the KOA recreation staff and our dear friends at the Lodi Stockton campground threw me a birthday BBQ:

KOA Birthday Party

pinata1 <–

Complete with a pinata you see at left!

(Resembles me a little – don’t ya think? LOL)

Not to mention a big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent ecards, emails, and Twitter & Facebook

But… as I’ve been saying recently – “45 just ‘feels’ good!”

In fact, I’ve become curious to discover the meaning behind the number 45 and at the urging of my dear Uncle Paul (who NEVER steers me wrong) I set about researching exactly what “45” means.

As it turns out – in numerology readings, 45 = Success and is defined as Living The Fullness Of Your Potential Self!

Wow – THAT’S why it feels so good!

It is particularly fitting to think that the coming year will be all about living up to the fullness of my potential and how that will impact the lives of those around me – my dear family, friends, colleagues, valued subscribers and any new lives I’ll touch along the way.

And it is no secret that my greatest passion is passing through my successes to others in the pursuit of assisting them in living the lifestyle of their dreams – so this year is really all about you as well!

In fact, how fitting “45” suddenly becomes… what a glorious foreshadowing to the reorganization we’ve done here at the Infinite Evolution Center – a place where all can come to realize their own goals and dreams!

So it’s with great anticipation and joy that I begin my 45th year today and have you to share it with me as I live the fullness of my potential self and emerge to new heights along life’s path.

Please be sure and leave a comment to commemorate this special occasion in which you and I continue our path of enlightenment…

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Our Summer: It Was All About YOU!

Posted on 26 Aug 2009 In: Motivational

As another summer is winding its way to an end, us Mulac Family Marketers are approaching our 18th month on the road enjoying our full-time RV living lifestyle – traveling the U.S. speaking, coaching, and networking with fellow marketers.

It’s been one of the most gratifying experiences Greg and I have ever had, and Morgan (6, soon to be 7) and Marina (8 soon to be 21) are thriving in their travel adventures and homeschooling lifestyle.

From a business standpoint, this summer has been one marked by change and continued growth and I want to share with you today some of the exciting things to come as we all begin the trek into the quickly approaching last quarter of 2009.

“New” is the prevailing theme resulting from our recent effortsnew sites, new products, and a new approach to helping YOU achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, just like we’ve done with ours!

So let’s take each of the “new” things one at a time (I’ve saved the best for last, so keep reading…)

Read the rest of this entry »

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About a week ago, I ran a 3 Day Special and made an unprecedented offer on a service we normally only offer to our highest paying mentoring students.

I figured cutting it off at 30 fast movers would be plenty to handle those interested in having us do an entire business model evaluation for people looking to transform their online endeavors and take their earnings to the next level.

Well, I was WRONG!

Thirty spots didn’t even begin to address the avalanche that happened and we ended up turning 100s of people away.

But ever since we closed the doors, this has been bothering me…

On the one hand, I don’t like denying people who have a sincere desire to succeed; but on the other hand, I also stay true to my word.

Then I got the following email back from one of the people who bought the evaluation and it read as follows:


Hi Stephanie and Greg:

WOW – is the least I can say about your evaluation report. I never expected
such a elaborate, extensive and concise report. You have given me so much
information and guidelines to follow; it’s mind-boggling. It doesn’t look like
you’ve left any rock unturned. Your knowledge has really opened my eyes!

Thanks very much. I can honestly say it was “money well spent”.

Larry Ference
Langley, BC Canada


Well, that pushed me over the edge and I knew I had to make a decision.

My “decision” is to ask for your understanding that even though I originally said “only the first 30″ – I am now re-opening the offer and letting everyone in who didn’t get a chance the first time around.

But that also means that even if you missed my first email, this offer is now available to you too – otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair!

This is your second chance – claim it here:

I appreciate you understanding that while my word is gold, so too is my desire to help others. And denying even one person the opportunity to change the course of their life would crush me – so thank you for allowing me this chance!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

P.S. You really have Larry to thank, becuase when I saw the difference we made for him, I knew re-opening this offer was the right thing to do; and I think you’ll agree:

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Singing Crazier, by Taylor Swift, Morgan Mulac took a few moments out of the 2009 4th of July Celebrations at Lodi Lake, CA, to serenade daddy (@gregmulac) as his early July 5th birthday present. A touching tribute that reminds us all how much little girls love their daddy’s!

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